Astronauts come back from space with many health problems. Some of those problems look like accelerated aging, and we think they're at least partly caused by microgravity. It's still not clear how living things sense gravity, or which proteins are involved. So I build devices to expose hundreds of fruit flies to different mechanical forces, and then measure which proteins change. In the long term, this understanding could lead to new treatments for age-related diseases and for space travel.

I'm a biology Ph.D. candidate at Carnegie Mellon working with Dr. Philip LeDuc in mechanical engineering and Dr. Jon Minden, the inventor of a proteomic technique called DIGE.

I have experience in science communication, writing, and graphic design.



I co-founded a professional development program called Public Communication for Researchers

I'm an NSF Graduate Research Fellow

My talk on understanding music was an editor's choice
on the TEDx blog

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